Eye infections

Eye infections such as conjunctivitus are symptoms during the healing phase. Eye infections relate to separation conflicts.

A conflict shock of losing sight of a loved one, such as a parent temproarily losing a child while out shopping would lead to a healing phase when the child was found.

Breast Cancer


Dr.Hamer shows us that there are 2 types of breast cancer, lobular carcinoma and intraductal carcinoma.

Lobular cancer develops a tumour growth in the active conflict phase, the moment the conflict is resolved the tumour will stop growing and degradation of the tumour will begin. The nature of the conflict is related to the worry for the well being of loved one, laterality applies. Where the tumour is close to the surface of the skin there is always a possibility of perforation of the skin, pain will begin near the end of the healing phase and there may be some discharge from the nipple which will release the pressure from within the breast tumour. Once the healing process has finished the if the tumour has not fully degraded then it may calcify and become benign. Surgery for a lumpectomy may be the only necessary course of action.

Intraductal cancer begins with ulceration in the active phase, the moment the conflict is resolved the the ulceration stops and the repatriation of the tissue begins. The nature of the conflict is related to a brutal separation of a loved one.

During the healing phases it is important to follow a diet of fresh foods and eliminate processed and junk foods.


Acne can effect a person at any time, it is most common during the period of adolescence but does occur much later in life and is referred to as adult acne.

Because Acne effects the skin, we need to look for a separation conflict, with acne the conflict usually comes from an event which leads a person to fee dirty or soiled, a typical example would be to witness something that makes us feel dirty, the skin will then create a more efficient protective barrier as the form of acne in preparation for a similar dirty conflict in the future.

Working out the moment of the shock that made a person feel dirty is the key to clearing up the skin.

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Ear infections

Ear infections are an unwelcoming addition to our lives, the swelling and accompanying pain of an ear infection is usually a sign of a healing phase which is a good thing. A natural remedy may help to keep the pain and swelling to a bearable level.

Sometimes we can get swelling of the ear which is due to an active phase of not wanting to hear something or being unable to believe something that was heard, these are referred to as morsels, or specifically hearing morsels. Generally we are able to relate recent news that we heard to the onset of the symptoms, if this is the case then it’s a matter of riding out the pain. However, if the pain and swelling came after hearing something shocking and unwanted then this moment or DHS needs to be realised to resolve the conflict fully.

A flutter of the ear, a short ringing or hissing sound like tinnitus and itches inside the ear canal are all signs of active and healing phases. The earlier these signs are recognised, the earlier the conflict can be resolved thus lessening the effects of the swelling and pain during the healing phase.

Recurring ear infections in children are common because of how children are taught to see the world in general; situations may seem to be unfair to an infant and the words of a parent telling them no, may be all it takes to trigger a hearing morsel response.

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Eczema is a separation conflict. It is nature’s response to protect or strengthen the skin layer to reflect a separation in a person’s life from someone close to them.

Laterality plays a key role in separation conflicts in that we can learn quite quickly who it is a person wishes to be reunited with or to be separated from, where an ongoing condition is possibly being aggravated by tracts.

When the eczema is present inside of the limbs, such as the inside of the elbows and under the arm it represents the emotion of not wanting to be parted from a loved one. When the eczema  is on the outside of the limbs such as the outer elbow then the nature of the conflict is the desire to be separated from someone close, to elbow that person out of their lives. This is a common condition amongst adolescent children when separation from their parents, siblings or friends has a heavier emotional attachment.

Once the separation conflict has been realised then it is down to the individual to address their feelings of separation and to come to terms with this.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a condition that withdraws all energy from the body’s resources.

Someone that suffers with CFS generally has to pace every aspect of their lives, from getting dressed to a simple walk to the local shops. Many people are also bed ridden with the effects of complete exhaustion that CFS brings to a sufferer’s life on a daily basis.

CFS is nature’s way of stopping us going any further in a direction that we consciously really don’t want to go in life for example feeling helplessness towards one’s own future, or being prevented from following our own natural path against our will. We often make the decision ourselves to deviate from our life’s path to support others that are closest to us and it is sometimes these scenarios that cause us to feel our lives are going nowhere. The brain’s natural response to this emotion is to cease supplying the body with any more energy, leaving a person with the condition diagnosed as CFS or sometimes ME.

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Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJd)

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is the displacement or inflammation of the temporomandibular joint. The symptoms include lock jaw, clicking and uneven jaw movement, immense pain and swelling. The tension in the masseter muscles across the temporomandibular joint puts immense force on the joint and the pressure can eventually force out the cartilage from its natural position.

This condition is a self devaluation conflict which is hanging. The main culprit is the masseter muscle which is used to control the jaw movement when we eat and speak.

TMJd starts with a shocking moment in a situation where the person is unable to express themselves vocally for whatever reason. Depending on which side of the jaw is affected, location can help decipher if it is a mother or child related conflict or a person someone acknowledges as a partner like a father, husband, best friend. There will be a degree of stress and worry involved around the subject matter.

TMJd is referred to as a hanging conflict which means a situation may be partly resolved but still causing issues in our daily lives. The brain interprets a problem with being unable to open the jaw properly to speak and in response it strengthens the masseter muscle to re-enable control of the jaw.

Simply by recalling the precise moment the conflict shock occurred, along with the recollection of the nature of the shock may be all it takes to be relieved from the tension and the TMJd related pain instantly. In my opinion, it so far appears that splints, dental work or operations will have very little benefit to the overall nature of the condition.

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I speak from first hand experience when it comes to Fibromyalgia/CFS/ME

This is a condition with lots of stigma attached, it is an invisible illness in the eyes of others, but for anyone who has to endure the effects of this condition on a daily basis its far from invisible!

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis ) are often commonly associated and sometimes confused due to a poor standard of diagnosis for these conditions.

As a therapist I look at each symptom as an individual conflict. Focusing on Fibromyalgia which is mostly a complaint of numerous sites of long residing pain, I would like to help explain how to overcome this condition as simply as I can.

When all possible causes for pain have been ruled out, and the pain appears to radiate from the muscles and the tendons for more than 6 weeks we should then look to a possibility of there being a hanging healing is those areas of pain. The locations of the pain gives a GNM therapist a clear indication as to the likely underlying cause.

Whenever the bones, tendons or muscles are involved we look to a conflict of self devaluation, by self devaluation it is meant by being in a conscious state where we tell ourselves we can’t do something, so the self devaluation terms in this aspect are based solely on ourselves when we are faced with a task or a situation that continuously puts stress onto us.

For example;

With the feeling of “I can’t support my family” and an active conflict in place, on resolution to a self devaluation conflict of I cant support my family there would be great pain in the supportive back muscles of the lumbar area. A resolution could be a pending pay rise at work, but if it doesn’t arrive in time this could then become a worry and cause us concern regarding supporting the family and make the conflict hang not fully resolved. If the conflict is hanging in the healing phase then there will also be the sensation of the pain associated with the healing but on an ongoing basis.

It should be noted that the situations that cause worry are triggered by a shocking event in our lives, from the moment of that shock the worry begins to become the main focus of the mind.

Realising that the pain should only be present in a healing phase, it should make it easier to realise the emotions and worries that are keeping the pain present. At this point as a therapist I would be asking questions very specific to the locations of the pains and relating them to specific actions a person makes during their day.

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