Eczema is a separation conflict. It is nature’s response to protect or strengthen the skin layer to reflect a separation in a person’s life from someone close to them.

Laterality plays a key role in separation conflicts in that we can learn quite quickly who it is a person wishes to be reunited with or to be separated from, where an ongoing condition is possibly being aggravated by tracts.

When the eczema is present inside of the limbs, such as the inside of the elbows and under the arm it represents the emotion of not wanting to be parted from a loved one. When the eczema  is on the outside of the limbs such as the outer elbow then the nature of the conflict is the desire to be separated from someone close, to elbow that person out of their lives. This is a common condition amongst adolescent children when separation from their parents, siblings or friends has a heavier emotional attachment.

Once the separation conflict has been realised then it is down to the individual to address their feelings of separation and to come to terms with this.

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