Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a condition that withdraws all energy from the body’s resources.

Someone that suffers with CFS generally has to pace every aspect of their lives, from getting dressed to a simple walk to the local shops. Many people are also bed ridden with the effects of complete exhaustion that CFS brings to a sufferer’s life on a daily basis.

CFS is nature’s way of stopping us going any further in a direction that we consciously really don’t want to go in life for example feeling helplessness towards one’s own future, or being prevented from following our own natural path against our will. We often make the decision ourselves to deviate from our life’s path to support others that are closest to us and it is sometimes these scenarios that cause us to feel our lives are going nowhere. The brain’s natural response to this emotion is to cease supplying the body with any more energy, leaving a person with the condition diagnosed as CFS or sometimes ME.

If you suffer from CFS or ME and would like some further information then please use the contact form.

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