There are many terms in the language of the German new Medicine, below is a list of terms used througout the site and their meanings in respect to the GNM.

DHS – Dirk Hamer Syndrome.This is the moment we endure an isolating shock and is named after Dr.Hamer’s son, Dirk.

Active phase – Immediately after a conflict shock the brain goes into an active biological program state.

Conflict resolution – This is the moment we resolve from an active conflict state and begin phase A of the healing cycles.

Healing cycle - This is the stage that nature goes through to complete self healing.

Healing phase A – This is the first part of the healing phase and is when pain and swelling will generally occur during the whole process.

Epileptoid crisis – This is the half way point of the healing cycle. At this point, the original state of the body is equal to the moment of the DHS

Healing phase B – The last stage of the healing phase before the body resolves nomal operation.

Morsels – Morsels of food or information. We refer to images, sounds and foods as morsels. Morsel conflicts affect the digestive tract, eyes, nose and throat.

Tracks – These act as triggers to a previous conflict, commonly known as allergies.

Laterality – Whether we are left or right side wired in the brain matters when we are trying to determine a conflict. It can not be assumed that a right hander was not born left handed.

Self devaluation – A type of conflict that affects the bone, muscle or tendons. The nature of the conflict involves situations where a patient feels they cannot do something.

Territorial – Territorial conflicts are the type that make up psychologically related conditions. Territorial relates to our personal space and boundaries.

Ontogenetic – Ontogenetic means that all diseases in medicine derive from the historical evolution of man.

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