About the German New Medicine

GNM Therapy is a spoken therapy based on the findings and research of the Germanic New Medicine of Dr.Hamer. On the understanding that every disease is triggered by an isolating and shocking event, GNM Therapy assists in finding the DHS (shocking moment) in our lives that preceded the dis-ease and in turn allowing our bodies to complete its natural healing cycle back to full health.

The German/Germanic New Medicine is the name chosen to represent Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s rediscovery of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature and Disease.

A little about Dr. Hamer:
Dr.Hamer is a German doctor whose 17 year old son Dirk was shot while on holiday and died 3 months later. Following the incident, Dr.Hamer then discovered he had testicular cancer and became suspicious. He started to research cancer patients to ascertain if they had endured any shocks prior to the illness.

Since this time he has endured many obstacles, his work has been refused acknowledgement, he has endured periods of time unlawfully imprisoned yet he continues his research and publications of the German New Medicine in the hope that one day those with no medical knowledge can understand the laws of nature.

The 5 Laws of Nature
Dr. Hamer rediscovered the 5 laws of nature. A brief description of these laws are as follows:

  1. The Iron Rule of  Cancer
  2. The 2 phased development of disease
  3. Ontogenetic system of tumours and cancer equivelent diseases
  4. Ontogenetic system of microbes.
  5. Natures biological meaning of a disease

Special Biological Programs
Dr.Hamer’s research demonstrates nature’s special biological programs throughout the course of all known diseases. Our emotional state and our environment ascertain the special biological program that will develop throught the 5 laws of nature.

Meanings in Nature.
Every disease has a significant purpose and place in nature; disease is not a mistake of nature. A dis-ease is, by design, a process to strengthen and assist in the evolutionary path of that individual living being and to promote survival, the body improves and protects on what is available which in turn affects our flesh, bones and blood.



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