What is GNM therapy?

GNM therapy is a spoken therapy that involves using the knowledge of the 5 laws of nature in conjunction with life experiences. All diseases and conditions start with a shocking and isolating event. The therapy works to recall the precise moment of the shock and to help us resolve our conflicts or simply to understand which part of the healing phase we are in.

Receiving therapy

Therapy can be carried out face to face, via the phone or Internet calling or via Internet instant text messaging. There is no set rule as to how much therapy an individual would require, however once conflicts are resolved good health returns. For simple conditions a brief conversation may be all that is required to help a person resolve or understand the conflict. Where the conditions are more complex, the therapist will get to know the patient and will look at certain aspects of their lives to ascertain what may be the cause of the conflicts.

Typical questions during a therapy session
The typical questions that are asked in a therapy session, depending on the condition, are likely to focus on when the symptoms started and on the specific condition, whether it be a self devaluation conflict or a separation conflict for example. The purpose of the questions asked are to ascertain where the conflict is rooted in order to prompt a person to recall the moment of the DHS and allow them to understand the cause of their conflict. This process enables the patient to then re-assess their lives to compensate or to eradicate certain emotions and triggers.

For many conditions it is important to ascertain a persons true laterality, this means how a persons body is connected with the brain, we are either left hand orientated or right hand orientated. Writing with the right hand is not always a clear indication of a persons true laterality so other tests are required which involve clapping where the hand that goes over the top is a better indication of laterality. We can also use the example of cradling a baby, hoding a baby in the left arm allows the right hand to remain free to feed the baby, this would indicate a true right handed person. The reason that laterality is important is so that when symptoms become evident throughout the body, the side  that is effected can tell us the relationship of the persons that may be involved in a conflict.

Sleep disturbance
Nature allows us the maximum opportunity to allow us to heal our bodies. If we have trouble getting to sleep before 2pm this is a good indication that we are in a healing phase and nature is allowing us more waking time to complete our healing. However if we are in an active conflict phase then we find that we will wake up at 3am in the morning, this is natures way of allowing us more time in the day to resolve the active conflict, in the animal kingdom, waking at 3am give an animal a head start to escape from its predator.

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