Eye infections

Eye infections such as conjunctivitus are symptoms during the healing phase. Eye infections relate to separation conflicts.

A conflict shock of losing sight of a loved one, such as a parent temproarily losing a child while out shopping would lead to a healing phase when the child was found.

Ear infections

Ear infections are an unwelcoming addition to our lives, the swelling and accompanying pain of an ear infection is usually a sign of a healing phase which is a good thing. A natural remedy may help to keep the pain and swelling to a bearable level.

Sometimes we can get swelling of the ear which is due to an active phase of not wanting to hear something or being unable to believe something that was heard, these are referred to as morsels, or specifically hearing morsels. Generally we are able to relate recent news that we heard to the onset of the symptoms, if this is the case then it’s a matter of riding out the pain. However, if the pain and swelling came after hearing something shocking and unwanted then this moment or DHS needs to be realised to resolve the conflict fully.

A flutter of the ear, a short ringing or hissing sound like tinnitus and itches inside the ear canal are all signs of active and healing phases. The earlier these signs are recognised, the earlier the conflict can be resolved thus lessening the effects of the swelling and pain during the healing phase.

Recurring ear infections in children are common because of how children are taught to see the world in general; situations may seem to be unfair to an infant and the words of a parent telling them no, may be all it takes to trigger a hearing morsel response.

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