I speak from first hand experience when it comes to Fibromyalgia/CFS/ME

This is a condition with lots of stigma attached, it is an invisible illness in the eyes of others, but for anyone who has to endure the effects of this condition on a daily basis its far from invisible!

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis ) are often commonly associated and sometimes confused due to a poor standard of diagnosis for these conditions.

As a therapist I look at each symptom as an individual conflict. Focusing on Fibromyalgia which is mostly a complaint of numerous sites of long residing pain, I would like to help explain how to overcome this condition as simply as I can.

When all possible causes for pain have been ruled out, and the pain appears to radiate from the muscles and the tendons for more than 6 weeks we should then look to a possibility of there being a hanging healing is those areas of pain. The locations of the pain gives a GNM therapist a clear indication as to the likely underlying cause.

Whenever the bones, tendons or muscles are involved we look to a conflict of self devaluation, by self devaluation it is meant by being in a conscious state where we tell ourselves we can’t do something, so the self devaluation terms in this aspect are based solely on ourselves when we are faced with a task or a situation that continuously puts stress onto us.

For example;

With the feeling of “I can’t support my family” and an active conflict in place, on resolution to a self devaluation conflict of I cant support my family there would be great pain in the supportive back muscles of the lumbar area. A resolution could be a pending pay rise at work, but if it doesn’t arrive in time this could then become a worry and cause us concern regarding supporting the family and make the conflict hang not fully resolved. If the conflict is hanging in the healing phase then there will also be the sensation of the pain associated with the healing but on an ongoing basis.

It should be noted that the situations that cause worry are triggered by a shocking event in our lives, from the moment of that shock the worry begins to become the main focus of the mind.

Realising that the pain should only be present in a healing phase, it should make it easier to realise the emotions and worries that are keeping the pain present. At this point as a therapist I would be asking questions very specific to the locations of the pains and relating them to specific actions a person makes during their day.

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