Hay fever

Common with all allergies, from the point of view of a GNM Therapist, Hay Fever is what is referred to as a track.

A track is a reminder to our brain that we may be in a situation that is threatening to our well being. The body will then respond to the track depending on what it is. For hay fever sufferers the track is pollen in the tear duct or eye socket.Tthe brain’s survival response is to remove the threat and the eye will do its best to remove it.

The reason for being allergic to pollen is due to a shocking moment in the history of our lives where pollen has been present at the same moment of the shock.

From my personal experience, I was heavily allergic to dry long grass. As a child my parents moved to a village that was surrounded by a farmer’s field, it was early June and I had been riding on my bike. I had a shock when I fell over the handle bars of my bike and landed on my face right next to a field of dry grass. I was able to recall the incident many years later and after making the connection I am no longer affected by the pollen of dry grass.



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